Spirited Pearls Foundation believes in the power of positive persuasion, partnership, scholastic
                 achievement and economic strengthening of the community. These principles are manifested through
                 delivery of our community programs and activities. All programs sponsored by Spirited Pearls Foundation
                 are free to the public.

                 Listed below are brief descriptions of the programs, which demonstrate our commitment to the principles
                 upon which we were founded.

           Spirited Pearls Scholarship Program....... Promotion of Scholastic Achievement
                 This annual scholarship is offered to graduating high school seniors who aspire to continue their education
                 at the collegiate level. Awards are based on evaluation qualifiers, which include cumulative scholastic results,
                 academic references, documented community service and a written response to an essay question on a
                 topic relating to current issues or events.

           T-Rose Teen Group Program...... Promotion of Positive Persuasion through Empowerment
                 This signature program, offered by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, is an opportunity to provide
                 leadership, mentorship and fellowship for teenage girls, grades 9-12, on a monthly basis during the academic
                 school year. Spirited Pearls Foundation sponsors monthly program topics and activities that address educational
                 advancement, positive self empowerment, financial literacy, current ideas and issues involving teens,
                 as well as topics relating to the general health and welfare of the community.

           Other Sponsored Programs...... Promotion of Economic Strengthening of the Community
                 Spirited Pearls Foundation also partners with local organizations and businesses to enact programs which
                 provide service and resources for mental health, physical health, economic strengthening of the family,
                 financial literacy, entrepreneurship and educational advancement.

                 For more information on programs sponsored by or in partnership with Spirited Pearls Foundation,
                 please click on this link.